#11 - VSA #017 (2008.08.02) English Sub

Domo!!! How are you!!!
Thank you so much for all your comments!!! I was very happy to read them, and for that reason here I´m with another subbed video!!
yarukizero help me again with the translation!! so please give to her lots of cookies and hugs here (yarukizero.livejournal.com/68899.html)

Again is an old VSA episode, when VSA lasted 30 minutes, this time Arashi guest were Yanagisawa Shingo and Satou Tamao, there is no fail arashi, but there is a lot of "chaos" and "laughs"...you have to see it!!!.

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#10 - VSA #079 (2009.12.03)_English Sub

Hi!!! It´s me again, but this time no ringtones...this time a SUBBED VIDEO!!! YAY!!!!!
It´s been a while since I was thinking..what about if I learn how to subbed...and here I´m today bring you guys MY FIRST SUBBED VIDEO!!
As my first subbed video...take note that there is going to be mistakes...specially in the timing..but...at the end is totally worth it!!!

Before I forgot, I took the translation from yarukizero so please don´t forget to say thanks to her!!!

Now about the video is an old episode of VSA where our guys + Ebihara Yuri compite vs Hori Pro Team, there is going to be a palm reading where Aiba and Matsujun are the major winners...specially Jun-kun...and of course more Sho fails moments too!!!
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#9 Ringtones: Movin'on, Monster & To be free

Sashiburi!!! (which means: long time no see in Japanese)
So here I´m with some new ringtones, this time from the singles Monster and To be free, and a song that I like so much Movin'on. I zipped the ringtones in one folder.
See you soon with more ringtones.

#12 (Ringtones)  Movin'on, Monster & To be free (Size: 5.45 mb)
1. Movin'on (Intro)
2. Movin'on (Chorus 1)
3. Movin'on (Chorus 2)
4. Movin'on (Bridge)
5. Movin'on (Sho´s solo)
6. Movin'on (Chorus 3)
7. Monster (Intro)
8.Monster (Chorus 1)
9. Monster (Chorus 2)
10. Monster (Instrumental)
11. Monster (Bridge)
12. Monster (Chorus 3)
13. To be free (Chorus 1)
14. To be free (Chorus 2)
15. To be free (Bridge)
16. To be free (Chorus 3)
17. To be free (Final)

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Comments are appreciated :)

I´m back!!!

OMG!!! It pass a long time since my last entry!!! Indeed I was very busy then, but now...I´m free :D
So now that I´m going to have more time I will continue doing ringtones!!
See you soon!!

#8 Ringtones: Troublemaker

It´s me again, I was very very busy this past months, but now that I have free time, I make the ringtones from the single Troublemaker, and don´t worry guys, as soon as I can I´m going to do the ringtones from the latest single Monster.
So...I zipped all ringtones in one folder, and if you have some request, just let me know ok.
See you soon guys

#11 (Single) Troublemaker (Size: 3.54 mb)
1. Troublemaker (Intro)
2. Troublemaker (Chorus º1)
3. Troublemaker (Chorus º2)
4. Troublemaker (Bridge)
5. Yurase, Ima wo (Intro)
6. Yurase, Ima wo (Chorus º1)
7. Yurase, Ima wo (Chorus º2)
8. Yurase, Ima wo (Bridge)
9. Mou Ippo (Intro)
10. Mou Ippo (Chorus º1)
11. Mou Ippo (Chorus º2)
12. Mou Ippo (Chorus º3)

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#7 Ringtones: Aiba´s solos

First of all here in south america is still December 24th...so....

This time I made some ringtones of our adorable Aiba-chan
So I hope you guys like it!! and comment if taking ok!!
Have a Merry Xmas and a prosperous new year!!!
See you soon!!

Istuka no Summer
File size: 1.32 Mb (Contents 5 different ringtones of the song)
Download: www.mediafire.com/

File size: 1.76 Mb (Contents 6 different ringtones of the song)
Download: www.mediafire.com/

Hello Goodbye
File size: 1.7 Mb (Contents 6 different ringtones of the song)
Download: www.mediafire.com/

#6 Ringtones: My girl single

It´s been a while since my last post!!!
This time I want to share some ringtones that I made from my girl single. I hope you guys like it.
Comment if you taking!!

And of course, here in south america is still november 26th...so....
Happy birthday Oh-chan!!!! :)

Well, now the ringtones file XD

#9 (Single) My girl (size: 3.68 mb)
1. My Girl (Chorus)
2. My Girl (Bridge)
3. My Girl (Chorus last part)
4. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (Chorus 1)
5. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (Sho´s rap)
6. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (Bridge)
7. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (Chorus 2)
8. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (Last part)
9. Super fresh (Chorus)
10. Super fresh 2

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